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Smart Carts

Are you a vaper seeking genuine, crystal pure weed oil carts for your new smoking experience? Choose Organic Smart Carts for sale from our vape store with 98% of THC to discover an avalanche of new flavors and feelings. THC Cart For Sale 

SoCal Carts

SoCal Carts are perfect for vaping cannabis on the go. Here, you can browse a variety of extractions that are ready to vape, from C02 to BHO.  These carts are known to hit users quickly, sometimes taking effect before they’ve had a chance to even exhale.


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Sunday Goods Vape Pen

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Supreme Cart

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TKO Carts

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Tonix Concentrates

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VVS Carts

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Yang KRT Carts

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Zodiak Moonrock Cart

  • High End Distillate
  • Pesticides Free Carts
  • Multi-step Purification
  • Up to 90% THC Tested
  • Infused with Natural Terpenes