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4 Star Hash

4 Star Hash Buy 4 Star Hash online Europe, Imported Afghani hash that is starts off as a mellow body stone and creeps up into the head. It's excellent for BTs, snaking in joints, bongs or hot knives. Quite a nice import treat.

Afghani Anchor Marijuana Hash

Afghani Anchor Marijuana Hash Buy Afghani Anchor Marijuana Hash online Europe,  Medium soft with a classic afghani aroma. The high

Afghani Dara-I Suf

Afghani Dara-I Suf Buy Afghani Dara-I Suf online Europe, Afghani-I-Suf is soft and mellow, it’s best to smoke it with

Afghani Jezail

Afghani Jezail Buy Afghani Jezail online Europe, This came to us from our import guys with not much info. Knowing

Afghani Tiger Hash

Afghani Tiger Hash Buy Afghani Tiger Hash online Europe, A real imported aroma and taste that is easy to work

Alchemist Afghani Marijuana Hash

Alchemist Afghani Marijuana Hash Buy Alchemist Afghani Marijuana Hash online Europe, This is a sweet, dark hash with a delicious

Blackberry Kush Bubble Hash

Blackberry Kush Bubble Hash Buy Blackberry Kush Bubble Hash online Europe, Sprinkle it with whatever you want to enhance, it’s

Blue Dream Hash

Blue Dream Hash Buy Blue Dream Hash online Europe, Blue Dream is a slightly Sativa dominant hybrid (60% Sativa/40% Indica)

Buy Mazar Hash Online Europe

Buy Mazar Hash Online Europe Buy Mazar Hash Online Europe , Mazar E Sharif is back and better than ever.

Camel Stamp Hash

Camel Stamp Hash Buy Camel Stamp Hash online Europe, Like most professions, the more you do something, the better you

Chanel Marijuana Hash

Chanel Marijuana Hash Chanel Marijuana Hash is another great example of locally produced hash here in Europe. These guys have